DIY Lace Boot Socks

I’ve been drooling lately over all of the pretty lace boot socks that I’ve been seeing everywhere online. I love the look of the lace just peeking out over the top of a tall pair of boots, and since I practically live in boots in the fall, I knew I either needed to buy a pair or make some pronto.

And while I will pay $35 or $40 for a meal, for scrapbooking supplies, or for a cute shirt, I will not pay $35-$40 for a pair of socks!  And I assume since you are here reading how to make your own, you’re with me on this, right?  Good, let’s get started!  You’ll be wearing your own pair in no time!!
   * knee high socks (I bought mine for $5 at Target)
   * a yard of lace (I bought mine at Joanne’s for less than $2)
   * thread
   * needle
First step is to put on your socks.  Easy, right?

Then pin the lace onto the top of your socks very carefully!  Do not stick your leg, and if you do, please don’t blame me 😉  If you don’t trust yourself, then you can use a piece of cardboard in place of your leg.  I wanted to make sure that my measurements were perfect, so I just did it this way.

Once I got all the way around my sock, I cut the lace so that I had a little bit of overlap.  Make a knot in your thread, and carefully sew in and out, all the way around the sock.  When you get to the end, sew up the line where the two end of the lace meet, and then tie a knot.

Be careful not to pull the thread too tightly, or that sock won’t want to come off 😉  Now do the other sock just like this one, and you are finished!

Now that you have an adorable pair of lace boot socks, go put on those tall boots and strut your stuff!
And go buy something for yourself with all that money you saved making these cute socks instead of buying them 😉

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XO, Laura

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  1. You are totally inspiring my (almost-non existent) crafty side! I made your Thanksgiving wreath a while ago and love it, and I totally have to try these now! :) Keep up the great ideas!

    • Yay!! So happy to hear that you made the wreath, and will be making the boot socks. That’s my goal, you know, to inspire everyone to go out and make something pretty 😉 I’ll be using that same paper technique to make a Christmas wreath soon so stay tuned. Thanks for your comment!