Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Easy No-Sew Flower Hair Clips and Elastic Headbands (in less than 5 minutes!)

I saw these adorable fabric flowers by Jolee's Boutique at Michael's today and I HAD to have them.  They come in a pack of two for scrapbooking or other crafts, but I instantly pictured them as cute (and easy) hair clips and headbands for my daughters.  So I had to buy 4 packs of them because there were too many fun colors to choose just one!

So many color choices
I've made many different clips, bows, and headbands for my girls, so I know how much time it can take to make something like this from scratch.  These took about 5 minutes each TOPS, and each set of two cost less than $3 each (on sale, or with a coupon).  So under $1.50 per bow and only 5 minutes to make?!?  AND no sewing involved?  Count me in!!

Here are the lovely finished products, and the directions on how to make them...

Aren't they pretty?  And a big thank you to my little fashion model...


* fabric bows or flowers (from Michael's or Joanne's)
* alligator clips (from the beauty supply store)
* 3/8" grosgrain ribbon (optional, to line your alligator clip)
* glue gun
* little piece of felt or material (optional)

To start, you will want to line your alligator clips with ribbon.  This is optional, but gives your finished clips a more professional look.  This step is easy and quick, but I made a little collage to help you remember.  Feel free to pin for all your friends and for future reference!

How to cover an alligator clip with ribbon

Now turn over one of your flowers to the back side.  These come with an adhesive, so take off that ugly paper backing.

Add a strip of glue with your glue gun to the top (curved part) of your alligator clip, and then stick it on to the back of your flower and hold it in place for a few seconds.

If you want to, you could cut out a small circle in a coordinating color of felt, and glue that over the top of the clip.  Totally not necessary, just for aesthetic purposes.

And that is IT.  Now do you believe me that you can do this in under 5 minutes?  I'm no liar :)

Now you can clip this in your daughter's, grandaughter's, or even your own hair.  But what if you have a newborn baby girl with no hair, or your child hates wearing clips?  Or you're trying to decide what to do with that extra flower that came in your pack of two?

Then you make an elastic headband. And it only takes about 3 minutes, less time than it takes to heat up your glue gun!

Make an elastic headband with the extra flower
You'll need some thin elastic.  I bought some black and white elastic in varying widths at Joanns.  Then measure around the head of the one who will be wearing the headband with the elastic, and cut a little extra for where you'll glue.  You'll want the headband to fit snug, but not be too tight to where it will be uncomfortable.

Now add some glue to one of the ends of the elastic and glue it to the other end so that it forms a circle. Glue the back of the flower to where you just glued the two ends.  Then glue a circle of felt over the headband for a more finished look.

I hope you enjoyed these lovely flower clips and headbands!  They really are SO easy and cheap to make, but look like you either a) spent a lot of money or b) a lot of time making them.  The headbands would make a great gift for a momma-to-be of a little girl, and both the headbands and clips would make great gifts for any female in your life, young or old. 

You could also add a pin back (available at any craft store) instead of a clip, and attatch these pretty flowers to a purse, bag, or even sew a few onto a t-shirt.  The possibilities are almost as endless as the color combinations of these that you can buy, haha.  I dare you to just buy one pack of these.  Impossible, I say.

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XO, Laura

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    1. Thank you Marisha! I really appreciate your nice comment.

  2. so cute! wish I had a little girl to make them for :)

    1. Any nieces or friends with daughters? Maybe your little guy has a girlfriend that would look fabulous in one of these, haha ;)

  3. Those came out really cute! I think I need to make some... for myself =] I really like the idea of adding a pin so that you could add them to purses or blazers or something!

    1. Thanks, have fun making these! Come back and let me know how they turn out, or leave a link to your finished products. Thanks for visiting!

  4. these are really cute! They look so soft and pretty <3

    1. Thanks Ashley! They are really easy to make, and my daughters are loving wearing them!

  5. These are adorable and the directions are easy to follow. I have made hair bows for my granddaughter out of ribbons and even though they are cute, they took more than 5 minutes.

    1. Yep, I've been there and done that too Diane. Mine usually take forever! That's why I love these guys.


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