Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Paper Wreath

Today I’m excited to share this easy DIY Valentine’s Wreath with you!  It is made out of paper punched from an old book (or a dollar store book) and 4 pieces of glitter cardstock, so it is very cheap to make- only $3.50 total!!  It is pretty and unique, and is so easy, anyone can make it (my four-year-old helped me with this one)!

Easy DIY Valentine's Wreath

This wreath can be made for ANY holiday, you just have to switch out the colors.  If you’ve been with me from the beginning, then you’ve seen a similair Halloween and fall wreath using this same method (pictures at the end of the post).

Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need…

Step 1

Punch a bunch of circles out of your glitter paper and old book pages.  (I used two pink and two red 12×12 sheets of glitter paper, and part of a dollar store book.)

Step 2

Remember those paper art projects you made way back in kindergarten?  You’ll be using the same tecnhique for this wreath!   Take a punched circle, and wrap it up and around the eraser end of your pencil.  Use the glue gun to put some glue on your wreath, and quickly stick your scrunched up circle onto the wreath.  Push it in with the pencil eraser and wiggle it around a little.  Then repeat with more circles, mixing up the book circles and glitter circles, until your wreath is filled!
Step 3

Check out the wreath from all angles, making sure that you can’t see any of the wreath when it is hanging up.  If you can, fill in the spaces with more paper.  I left the back bare so the wreath can lay flat.
 Step 4
For the banner, I cut a piece of red glitter cardstock to 3″ high and 12″ long.  I used some white scrapbook letters from my stash to add the words “Be Mine.”  To make sure that your title is straight, you can place a piece of paper under the letters to line them up.  Then make two cuts in each end as shown in the picture to finish the banner.  Glue the banner on with your glue gun.

And there you have it!  A beautiful, easy, and inexpensive decoration for your home for Valentine’s Day!  Hope you enjoy making yours as much as I did making mine!!

And as promised, here are the two other wreaths I made for Thanksgiving and Halloween using this same method.  You can make one for any time of the year by switching out the colors.

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XO, Laura

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