Favorite Music Friday: Lindsey Stirling

Happy Friday!  Every Friday I choose a musician or band that I love to highlight and introduce you to. Although I just found out about Lindsey Stirling, I’m pretty intrigued with her style and beautiful music.

She is a violinist, but also a composer and dancer.  She is unique because she plays songs that she has composed on the violin, while dancing and jumping gracefully through the air.  It is something that I’ve never seen before, and her YouTube videos are cinematic and beautiful to watch.
She is currently on a U.S. tour, and my husband, two older kids, and I will be going to her concert (all ages show) soon!  Here’s a couple of my favorite videos of hers:
This song is called “Crystallize,” and was filmed in Colorado.
This one is called “Shadows.”
Arent’ they fun?  What do you think?  Would you go to a concert of hers?  Leave me a comment telling me what you think!
Have a great weekend!  It’s rainy here and I am loving it!!
XO, Laura
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