Creative Indoor Kids Crafts with Crayola

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This weekend we had a couple very rare rainstorms here in Southern California, which was a nice change, but meant that we were stuck inside for a few days.  Luckily for me, I had just purchased some Crayola crayons, washable kids paint, and sidewalk chalk at Walmart, so we were all set for some fun craft time!  You know I’ll find any excuse to get creative and make something, and luckily my kids love creating just as much as I do!

There was a large area devoted to Crayola products at Walmart and a huge selection, which was great, because they had tons to choose from.

We decided to create three different crafts with our new Crayola supplies- painted animal rocks, leaf and flower rubbings, and fingerprint animals.

Painted Animal Rocks


These painted animal rocks were the kids’ favorite craft of the day.  When there was a break in the rain, we went outside and collected rocks that we could paint to look like different animals.  We went back inside and the kids brainstormed what animals they thought their rocks looked like, and then got to work painting!
My kindergartner decided to paint her rock blue, with a cheerful pink and purple butterfly in the center.
My son found the perfect broken rock to make the shell of a turtle!  
He decided to paint an oval rock brown for the head, and then we glued them together with a strong glue to make them stick.
My oldest made a blue dragon, complete with small, detailed scales.  She used smaller sharp rocks painted white for the ears, and added a few colored scales to the dragon’s back.  
I loved her creativity!
You know I had to get in on the fun, too!  I chose to make two insects, a ladybug and a bumblebee!
Even my two year old had fun creating!  The best thing about this paint is that it’s washable!  I didn’t worry when my son had paint all over his shirt and hands because it all washed right out, which is perfect for my four kids and their messes!  
Fingerprint Animals:
  • Ink pads (or paint would work as well)
  • Crayola crayons
  • Paper, blank cards, to tags
This fingerprint animal craft was SO easy, and kept my kids occupied for a long time, which is always a good thing!  
All they had to do was press their finger or thumb into one of my ink pads, press their finger down onto paper or a tag to leave a round print, and then use their crayons to add the details to their fingerprint animals with their crayons. 
My five year old made two cute little tags, one for her grandma and one for her grandpa who were taking her to a play later that day.
My son decided to create a jungle scene with his thumbprints, complete with a swinging monkey and bird up in her nest!
I love that there are so many possibilities with this craft!  You can create any animal you want with just the tips of your fingers, ink, and some crayons, which makes this craft easy and so fun!  Plus, who doesn’t love a fresh new big pack of crayons?  My kids were practically drooling when they saw the new big box I bought them, and all of the great color choices they had!
Leaf Rubbings:
Now when you think sidewalk chalk, you think about big pictures drawn by your kids out in the yard, right?  But when it’s raining or snowing outside, that’s not an option.  We decided to get creative with the sidewalk chalk indoors, and make nature rubbings with the chalk and some leaves, flowers, etc. that we found out in the yard when there was a small break in the rain.
Here’s what we gathered…
The directions are simple.  Place a leaf or other somewhat flat item from nature underneath a piece of paper (the thinner the better- we used copy paper which worked great), and carefully rub over the paper and leaf with the sidewalk chalk.
You’ll find that some leaves and items work better than others, so it’s an experiment to see what worked and what doesn’t.  This is a great opportunity for discussion with your kids, too, as to why one leaf made a great rubbing (maybe it was thicker and had deeper veins), and flower didn’t work as well (maybe the petals were too thin to leave a mark).  
You could also use this as a way to discuss different types of plants and their characteristics, what plants need to grow, etc.  As a former elementary school teacher, I know that the best way to teach is to tie learning into fun activities, and sometimes your kids won’t even realize you’re teaching them science because they’re having so much fun!
I hope I inspired you to get creative with your kids indoors!  Crayola has so many great products, perfect for keeping your kids thinking and creating when the weather isn’t cooperating and your kids are stuck indoors.  
Happy creating!
xo, Laura
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    Your children are seriously good artists! The jungle picture and the rock dragon are incredible! What great ideas for indoor art time. I can see the 3 year olds and the 11 year old loving these equally! #client


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