6 Life Lessons I Learned at SNAP

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a few crazy pictures from the SNAP Conference that I recently attended in Sat Lake City.  SNAP is a three-day blogging conference for creative bloggers where you get to attend amazing classes taught by some of the “big” creative bloggers, network with lots of other amazing women, meet sponsors who want to work with you, and meet some of your blogging idols in real life.

It’s a very fun, fast-paced few days, and although this was my second year attending, I learned a lot about blogging, and a lot about life in general!  I don’t want to bore you with the blogging part of it, but I thought that I would share some of the life lessons that I learned at SNAP last week that might apply to others besides myself.

Meeting Olympian Noelle Pikus-Pace at SNAP Conference

Lesson #1- Where we look is where we go.  One of my favorite parts of the whole conference was hearing Olympic silver medallist Noelle Pikus-Pace speak about her heart-wrenching accident, and how her Olympic dreams were dashed in a freak accident by no fault of her own.  She explained that she had a choice.  She could choose to dwell on her situation and wonder “Why me?” or she could choose to move forward.  By setting goals and eliminating distractions, she was able to move forward and go on to win a silver medal in the Sochi Olympics.  She is such an inspiration to me!  No matter what happens to use in life, WE are the ones who are in charge of our lives, and the direction that we are headed is a direct result of where we are looking.  So simple, and yet so profound!

80's dance

Lesson #2-  Get out of your comfort zone.  Amazing things happen you step outside your comfort zone and put yourself out there!  Being thrust into a group of 500+ bloggers who I didn’t t know (but know of) was very intimidating, but I knew that most of the other women were probably feeling the same as me- excited and nervous!  I never would have met some of the amazing women that I did last week had I not been willing to put myself out there and get to know the other attendees.  I made some great friends and am so impressed with those who I met!  And I got to wear pink legwarmers and crazy leggings again for the 80′s dance party, which was pretty fun!

SNAP Conference at the Darice Booth

Lesson #3-  Look for the beauty in everyone.  I was lucky enough to meet the gorgeous Cara (her blog is Maskcara), a beauty blogger who creates amazing transformations on women by doing their makeup and hair.  If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen some of her before and afters.  Her makeovers are so astonishing!  In hearing her speak and give makeup tips, I was struck by something she said.  She said that whenever she meets new people she is distracted by how beautiful they are- whether it’s their colorful eyes, their pouty lips, their jawline, or whatever, she says that she is distracted by everyone’s beauty.  That everyone has something beautiful about them that she wants to enhance and make even more beautiful.

Isn’t that how life should be?  We should constantly be looking for the good, for the beautiful, for the positive things in everyone that we meet, and be so distracted by the good that there’s not time to find something bad!  I love this lesson, and am so grateful to have learned it from such a sweet person!

SNAP Conference World Market Booth

Lesson #4- You can’t do it all.  And that’s okay.  Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I think I can do it all.  I try to be the best mom I can be to my four kids, I try to have amazing photos and tutorials, I try to post four times a week to my blog, I try to spend the time needed to help my kids with homework and to read to them, I try to keep my house amazingly clean at all times (still working on that), I try to do my makeup every day (for me), I try to do it all.  The key word is TRY.  There are simply not enough hours in the day for me to be perfect at everything… and that’s okay!  It’s still not going to keep me from trying, but the simple thing of telling myself that it’s okay seems so make it better  ;)  It’s okay to say no when you’ve got a lot already on your plate.  It was nice hearing at SNAP that just about everyone else is trying to find the balance between family, blog, school church, and everything in between.  So know that you’re not alone, and that it’s okay to not be perfect at all of it!

Lesson #5- Never give up.  The amazing Alex Boye (you might have seen his beautiful rendition of Frozen’s Let it Go on YouTube or Facebook recently) spoke to us one night at SNAP, and then put on a private concert complete with his band.  It was so much fun!  One of the things that he said to us that really stuck with me is to never give up.  He has been making music for a while now and was ready to give up and get an office job.  He kept working hard and eventually got his break (which came from bloggers blogging about his work), and now has become very popular!  I love his conviction and determination, and his belief that your dreams really can come true if you work hard enough and never give up!  And be sure to check out his beautiful Frozen video above… just breathtaking!

At SNAP Conference

Lesson #6- Take more pictures.  I know I know, simple enough, right?  And kind of a weird thing for a blogger to say.  I’m a blogger, which means I take a ton of pictures.  Pictures of craft supplies, finished projects, tasty cupcakes, etc.  But for all those pictures, what percentage of those are of my kids?  Of my husband?  Of me?  Going through my photos from SNAP, I was painfully aware of how few photos I had taken!  I was so sad that I didn’t have those photos to preserve my memories and to share with my family and with you all of the fun that I had.  So take more pictures!!  You will never say to yourself, “I wish I hadn’t taken so many pictures of my kids.”  Never!  Plus, with digital cameras and iPhones, there really is no excuse to take more pictures.  Lesson learned.

Thanks for letting my share my lessons that I learned at SNAP!  There are so many other things that I learned and will start implementing on this blog, but I wanted to share the most general lessons that might apply to you, too, so we can learn and grow together!

Have a great weekend!


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      Thanks so much Brooke, it was fun seeing you too! I totally cried during Noelle’s talk too… okay, let’s be honest, I cried during all of them! It was such an honor to hear her speak. Yes, see you next year! Thanks for stopping by :)

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