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candy sleigh with mini candy bars stacked on candy bar and candy canes

Easy Candy Sleigh

A cute candy sleigh is an easy and quick edible Christmas craft that can be made in just 5 minutes! This candy cane sleigh Christmas craft makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for friends and is so fun to make with the kids!
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword chocolate, Christmas, Christmas candy, easy, winter
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • Glue gun


  • 1 1.5 oz Kit Kat chocolate bar
  • 10 pieces Hershey Miniature chocolate bars
  • 2 candy canes
  • 1 mini bow


  • Place four mini candy bars on top of a Kit Kat bar. Place a dot of glue on each candy bar. Gently press down to hold each bar in place.
  • Glue three mini candy bars over the stack of four bars. Then glue two chocolate bars over those, then glue one on the top.
  • Glue a mini bow onto the top of the candy sleigh.
  • Make a line of hot glue along one of the candy canes. Place the candy cane underneath the Kit Kat bar and hold in place for a minute while the glue dries. Repeat for the second candy cane.
  • Give this cute candy cane sleigh to friends, family, neighbors, or to yourself!