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DIY LEGO Table for Kids

DIY Lego Table in 3 Minutes

Make a simple DIY Lego table that your Lego-obsessed kids will love!
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Servings 1 table


  • Small square table
  • Large Lego base plate
  • Glue dots


  • Turn the LEGO base plate upside down. Press one glue dot down onto each corner of the bottom of the plate, then place a couple more in the middle.
    Try not to touch the adhesive part because it can weaken the adhesive.
    DIY LEGO Table
  • Place the base plate over the table and try to center it before placing it down. Once centered, press the plate down firmly in the center of the DIY Lego table.
    If you don’t get it perfectly centered the first time and want to try again, just lift up and press down again.
    LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Set