How to Organize All Your Ripped Out Magazine Pages

I know this is the digital age, but I am seriously addicted to magazines.  Almost as much as I am addicted to Pinterest.  Almost.  I practically squeal with delight when I open up my mailbox and see the glossy, beautiful cover of Martha Stewart Living….. seriously makes my day.  I love to cuddle up in my covers at night with a good magazine.
Organize all those ripped out magazine pages
I find great ideas and inspiration in the plethora of magazines and catalogs that I get in the mail each month, but I find that my magazines start piling up really quickly.  When I do get the time to go through them and pull out the ideas that inspire me or that I want to try, I then have a huge paper stack of ripped out magazine pages, instead of magazines.  Not pretty!
I needed a solution to my paper piles that were multiplying in my craft closet.  So here’s what I came up with…. It’s like Pinterest on paper!!
Binders, sheet protectors, and labels, oh my!
STEP #1:  I bought a big binder for each main category I chose:  Holidays, Christmas, Kids, Recipes (needed 2 binders for those), and Home.  I found these binders in a multi-pack at Costco.  I also bought labeled tab dividers to organize each binder even further.  The sheet protectors I already had.
STEP #2:  I dug into my massive scrapbook paper stash and pulled out some cute patterned paper that worked with each theme, like Christmas paper for the Christmas binder, etc.  I used a sheet to slip inside the plastic cover of each binder, and then trimmed a matching piece to fit inside the plastic for the title.  I used scrapbook letters, numbers, or just plain scrapbook paper for the titles on the side, but if you didn’t have any of those, you could just as easily type out a title, or even write one.
STEP #3:  Next I categorized each binder further so that it made sense to me, and was nice and organized. I printed out a label onto each tab, and put in my tab dividers, in alphabetical order, of course, because I’m anal like that ;)*** Due to reader request, I’m including all of my binders and a list of all of my tabs that I used.  You can copy mine or come up with your own based on what types of pages you like to save! ***

KIDS Binder:
* Clothing
* Educational
* Food
* Gifts to Give
* Good Ideas
* Kids Fun
* Made by Mom
* Memories
* Outdoors
* Parties
* Travel
* Room
* Stages
* Stats & Quotes

HOME Binder:
* Candles
* Crafts
* Gifts to Give
* Health & Beauty
* Housekeeping
* Memories
* Outdoors
* Paper Crafts
* Party
* Table Decorations
* Websites
* Misc. (yes, the “M” is not ABC order, but I wanted “misc.” last)

HOLIDAYS Binder: (This binder is in chronological order, not ABC order)
* Valentine’s Day
* St. Patrick’s Day
* April Fools’ Day
* Easter Fourth of July
* Back to School
* Halloween
* Thanksgiving
* New Year’s

* Candles & Fire
* Crafts
* Decorations
* Food
* Gifts
* Kids
* Table
* Misc.

RECIPES Binder #1: (I have 2 recipe binders because I save so many recipes)
* Appetizers
* Breakfast
* Breads
* Cakes/Pies
* Candy
* Canning
* Cookies
* Desserts
* Dips & Spreads

RECIPES Binder #2:
* Drinks
* Fruits
* Frozen Desserts
* Meat
* Noodles/Pasta
* Pizza
* Poultry
* Salsas
* Sandwiches
* Sauces
* Soups
* Vegetables

STEP #4:  And lastly, my favorite part, is to go through all those magazines, recipes, and articles that you’ve been saving, and neatly rip or cut out anything that you want to save.  I used a glue stick to glue down every idea onto regular blank paper, and then stuck the pages into my binder under the right category.  I  glue multiple ideas on each page, as many as I can fit without it looking messy.

From my Kids ideas binder

I love being able to find each idea quickly because it is so organized and easy to find.  When it is summer time and the kids are bored, I pull out my kids binder and let the kids flip through and find an activity they’d like to do, or a craft that they’d like to make.  When it’s almost Christmas time and I’m felling crafty, I turn to my Crafts section in my Christmas binder.

From my Christmas ideas binder
From my Home binder
I’m so happy with my new system of organizing all of my magazine ideas and inspiration.  I hope this helps you get organized too!!  So how do you organize your paper piles?  Leave a comment and let me know!
Be sure to check out my similair method for organizing my kids’ art, school work, awards, letters, etc. It’s really easy and has cut back on the piles of papers, especially at the end of the school year!
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XO, Laura

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  1. I love magazines and ripping out the articles, pictures, recipes, and ideas also! How simple and easy to organize them all. Thanks for posting. My husband thanks you too! :)

  2. It’s a great idea! I rip magazine pages for my daughter and created a fun way to display them in a cute zipper front notebook with the tabs. I see that I need to create her more than one! Keep the good ideas coming!

  3. Thanks Cindy. Your method sounds similair to mine. If you’re anything like me, then you probably will need more than one for her ;) I post new ideas daily Monday-Friday so come back soon!

  4. I’ve been sticking pages into those accordion file folder things for YEARS, but I don’t like that because they aren’t neatly arranged or easy to see like this is. I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time…gotta buckle down and do it soon because it’s getting pretty thick! You are lucky yours is finished! Great job!!

    • Thanks Karen! I had all of my pages filed in file folders, but it was too hard to go through and my files were getting too massive. It takes a little while initially to do this, but is soooo worth it, and very easy to maintain and find what you are looking for. Good luck!!

      • Oh boy I am almost 2 yrs late reading this! I used to have binders years ago & scratched that thinking it was too much to carry when moving & finding space for.. but its a FANTASTIC way to find these buzillion clippings. I have file folders now too… such a mess! Back to binders it is!

    • That’s a good idea, too. I personally like to keep the actual pages to flip through. It’s all about finding what organization system works for you. I hate clutter, which is why I started organizing these in binders in the first place :)

    • Oh wanna scan too! But will take so looong to do! I have 2 little people full time! One of which I nurse throughout the day! But scanning sounds great!

  5. Great idea! :) Looks like you put the pages in page sleeves, too, good for those of us who thumb through the books many, many times. Keeps the pages from tearing or getting rumply, lol!

    • I used some of those tab dividers that were made specifically for sheet protectors. The regular ones are a little smaller, and you can’t see the labels very well because the sheet protectors make the pages wider.

    • Thanks Kate, That’s how I see them too! I actually started these before Pinterest was around, so now I have a paper set of great ideas as well as a whole different set of digital ideas! Now I can never say that I have nothing to make :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hey Laura, I feel so good to see that someone else had this great idea too! I started organizing my pieces of ripped out pages from magazines a few years ago and I am glad that I did. It is amazing on how fast the binder grows, but it is so informational. Your binders look nicer than mine though – I’m jealous!

    • Haha, thanks. They do grow quickly, don’t they? The good thing is that you can find exactly what you’re looking for when it’s nice and organized, no matter how big it gets!

  7. Mine are almost identical except I don’t keep the pages in plastic sleeves. it is a great system and makes planing menus,parties, crafts, holiday activites even places to visit a breeze.

  8. PS I would give you more comment love if you didnt the anti robot verification bit. The real comment took me 5 turns before I got it right. I can only hope this one doesn’t take too many. Just a point from my own experience, I don’t have verification on and I rarely get spam emails and those i do get are ‘caught’ by blogger and set aside for approval before being published! Just thought I would let you knkow. Regardless, I love your organizing blog! (I hope I didn’t offend!)

    • No offense taken at all. I just changed the settings because I don’t like typing all that nonsense in when I comment on other blogs, either, so why do it on my own? Thanks for the feedback!

  9. I’m one of the most unorganized people on the earth and am trying to organize my life for once. Can you tell me what your tabs are? I’m hopeless when it comes to actually organizing in tabs. Please help.

  10. This article is a godsend! I was just looking at how many magazines I had and I thought about getting rid of them :[ Definitely going to do this!

  11. I did something similar with all my rubber stamps, my old sizzix dies and hole punches. Now when I go shopping; I can flip through my binder and not make the mistake of buying something I already own. It also let’s me know where its located in my office so I don’t spend an hour looking for stamp

  12. Love this idea of organizing my massive stack of magazines. Just wondered where you found the tabs that you used in your binders. Thanks.

  13. THANKS SO MUCH. I just printed out the categories so I feel better about organizing my ever growing stack of magazine pages.

  14. Oh, I love this idea! I’ve done it a time or two before in the past then quit, but then the magazines stack up. Martha Stewart and some of the other large size magazines make this a little trickier though. I end up having to trim them up a bit before they fit in the page protectors.

    • Yes, the Marthas definitely have to be trimmed, but I love that they take up the whole sheet protector. Some of the other magazine pages are smaller, and don’t fill up the whole sheet protector, which kind of bugs me.

      I just rip the pages out as I read, toss the magazine, and then when I have some free time I take the ripped pages out of the magazine holder I keep them in, and trim and file away. Then the magazines are out of sight, which I love!

  15. Thank you so much for this…I feel like I am an organized person, but now seeing this I know I can be more organized! Great idea to organize the magazine papers in binders all labelled!! I will definitely be trying this out!

  16. I’ve been doing something similar for years! I’ve used the old fashion ‘magnetic’ photo albums for recipes, but all my other goodies I’ve stashed in file folders – and never really been seen again. This not only makes it so much more practical – it actually looks beautiful. I’m off to dig out my glue sticks and get started! Thank you for sharing (and bringing me comfort in knowing I’m not the only one who still loves glossy magazines!)

    • I stashed mine in file folders, too, before I started doing this. It was such a mess, I would hardly ever pull out my pages, and I could never remember what I even had. This way I know right where things are, and I can find them in a few seconds without my pages falling all over the floor :) Thanks for your comment!

  17. I’ve been doing this too. I started about 20 years ago, so they are in need of refreshing… I used the following Catagories: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Christmas, Gardening, and Household. For each Seasonal Binder I have these categories: Seasonal Foods, Childrens Activities, Holidays, Seasonal Decor, Seasonal Crafts. ( I am not counting my 5-6 Binders for Scrapbook ideas.)

  18. how can you organize a ripped out page that contains info about two different things on each side of the page?

    • Here’s what I do: If there is an article that I like that is a few pages long, then I just rip out the whole article, staple it, and then stick it in the sheet protector. If there are two seperate things I want to keep, one on each side, then I just make a copy of one side (or you can scan and print), and then I can keep both sides without having to pick. Hope that helps!!

  19. I’ve been organizing recipes like that for years. But, the big secret is to go through your binders once or twice a year and throw out recipes, etc. that you know you’ll never make or do. Then you stay truly organized.

    • Yes, that’s key! I should have added that to the post, because I go through mine every once in a while to pull out anything that I might not need anymore, or that I probably won’t end up making. Also, I edit my magazine piles a few times before adding them to my binders. I try to be realistic and make sure that anything I keep I will actually use! Thanks for the tip!

  20. Wow, I feel a lot better now. I have been doing this since I was a kid and thought I was weird. I enjoy the cutting and pasting as much as the information and then the great feeling of reducing the piles of clutter as well.

  21. I had already started to do this somewhat although I really like how you set these up category-wise. But my main reason for messaging you today is to let you know that I tried twice before to check this out on your blog and was notified by Pinterest that this was a spam site so you might wanna check into that cuz I think your binder idea/blog would probably get alot more hits if people weren’t deterred by the spam message. Good luck and keep creating! Rose in Michigan
    PS-I didn’t have a “profile” to post this from but u can contact me at if you have any questions.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know Rose! I searched on Pinterest all of the pins for this idea, and sure enough one of them is blocked and says that it looks fishy, and my url on the pin ends in .mx, not .com, so I’m not sure what that means… I’ll be contacting Pinterest tomorrow, though! Thanks so much for the heads up!!

  22. Thank you so much for posting this! I have so many ripped out magazine papers it’s not funny. And I never know how to store them so I usually end up throwing them away. But now I know what I need to do! Thanks!

  23. I do this also but nothing as grand and cute as yours. I started mine a long time ago with a photo album that has the lift up clear plastic that you put the pictures under and they stick to the page.It makes it really easy to put small papers away.

  24. I found this post on…Pinterest, of course. But oh my gosh!!!! You’re like my twin. I thought I was the only crazy that continued to maintain binders in the digital age. Your method is JUST LIKE MINE. I have about 15 themed binders with subcategories in each. Sometimes I feel bad about taking up so much space with them but now that I know I’m not alone, I’m keepin’ ‘em, goshdarnit! Thank you for the affirmation!

    • Haha, glad to know I’m not the only one! Yes, keep them! I still use them ALL the time. They take up an entire shelf in my craft closet, but I think it’s totally worth it. I keep my go to recipes and favorite craft ideas inside, and know exactly where to find them. I love Pinterest and my computed, but sometimes it’s nice to hold the paper and read it and have it in a book.

  25. What is the best way to remove articles or a page from a magazine so the bound edges are not a ragged mess when removed? What kind of tool or just scissors?

  26. Laura, thanks for sharing!! I LOVE magazines too and read them at night before I fall asleep just like you. I am going to start this but I have a question. What do you do when you want to save both sides of the magazine page? I guess you just make a copy. Oops, I answered my own question!!

    • Yes, it can get tricky when you want both sides! Sometimes it worked that I can trim parts out of both sides and keep them both. If not, then I just make a copy like you said, and then I get to keep them both! So glad I’m not the only one who still loves magazines! ;)

  27. I’m a magazine addict too, and if there is a recipe section in a magazine that’s the first place I go. I’ve been organizing recipes in photo albums for years, the ones that have the sheets you just peel back and then lay down. I bought binder divider pages with tabs to separate the recipes into meats, sides, etc.

  28. Nicely done! I have sooo many years worth of “Real Simple” mags. Since my husband & I are trying to minimize everything (future house sale AND becoming minimalists!), I am starting to scan pages of interest into our computer. Might be more work..?..but that’s my CURRENT method. Used to just file in foldeers…

  29. I like this idea. I’ve been using Scan a log software for years , I just scan the page and label it and put it in the catagory it belongs in. But this idea would be a lot better I think because then you can not only instantly see it but you wouldn’t have to print it out to say to do a craft project where you can’t leave your computer on all day. I tend to do crafts in between doing other things…I am going to try this system.

  30. What a great idea to keep this kind of paperwork neat and organized. I’ve tried a few other systems that were helpful but I think this will work much, much better. Thank you for sharing this idea!

  31. HELLO ALL, I AM A MAGAZINE NUT! Since I was 8!!! LOVE them! But I am a neat freak allergic to clutter too! I will go back to magazine pages in a binder in sheet protectors. Your beautiful pretty method will make mine more desirable to be used! I will make one for potential gifts my hubby can buy for me!!! I have them in folders by category & it will take a long time to get them on sheets in a binder – 2 small people, one of which I nurse – but it is worth the time! Thank you for the inspiration to store them this way again!

    • Hi Sonia, I am the same- a magazine nut and a clutter hater, which can be a problem, lol. This method has really helped me a lot! While it does take some time to get your current collection of magazine pages organized, it is really easy to keep up after that. Good luck, and happy organizing!!

  32. Make life Lovely: Thank you, very much. I am as addicted to magazines or more. I thought I was crazy, my children do not understand my addiction. I appreciate the beauty that you have done and organized your clips…again, beautiful and thank you for sharing.

  33. Such a cute way to stash magazine clippings. I’ve been looking for a creative way to do it because my collections of magazine subscriptions is getting out of hand! lol I’m definitely going to give this a try, thank you! :)

  34. With boxes of old magazines – I’ve had to buy an external HD (4TB) Just for this reason. Recently bought a printer with a scanner. So now I scan all the pages I want and file – Don’t have extra room for binders. But my filing system is just like this. I done all my sewing pattern this way too. Great way to save time and space.

    • What type of printer did you buy that is a printer and scanner? I am not computer savy; hope I’ve asked the right quesiton. Super idea, I am in process of decluttering all my paper clutter that I’ve printed off of the internet, recipes, duplicate genealogy material, stuff I’ve wanted to save, and this would really help organize my stuff. Now I need a few snowy days where you have all your supplies and have to stay inside to get everything accomplished.

  35. Thanks for the great ideas!. My Gem & Mineral club was given a big donation of Rock & Gem, and Lapidary Journal magazines. Both have great educational and project articles. I want to save some of the best articles for our members and students to use, and was trying to figure the best way. I really like your idea of sorting by category and theme!

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