Upcycled Baby Food Jars: Baby Food Jar Party Favors

Time for Day 3 of Upcycled Baby Food Jar Ideas! And just in case you missed it…

If you’ve planned a kid’s birthday party, you know that it can get really expensive really quickly!  I love throwing big, detailed parties for my kids’ birthdays, and I love the challenge of throwing a great party without spending a huge amount of money.
Here’s one idea that can help you do it too!
Use baby food jars as cheap party favors! 
If you don’t have baby food jars saved up, just ask a friend with a baby to save some for you.
I bought some cheap little plastic ocean animals, glued them to the top of the lids, and spray painted them all one solid color.
Later in the year my daughter is having an “Under the Sea” birthday party, so these will be perfect.
Fill with your treat of choice, and voila, cheap, easy, and CUTE party favors!  
You can even go further and add cute little tags, a picture of the birthday boy or girl, or a little “thank you for coming to my party!”
It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do, isn’t it!?!
  • Baby food jars (thoroughly cleaned and labels removed)
  • Plastic toys (animals, soldiers, etc.)
  • Spray paint (in party color or colors)
  • Glue gun or strong glue (I like E-6000)
1.  Use a glue gun or E-6000 to glue a plastic toy to the lid of a baby food jar.
2.  Spray paint the tops of the lids (with the glued on toys).  When spraying, make sure you use multiple, light coats.  I used the cheap $1ish white glossy Wal-Mart paint for the first couple coats, and then used the more expensive Krylon turquoise color for the final coat.  That way I didn’t waste my good paint :)
3.  Fill up the jars with candy, toys, etc.  And they’re ready for the party!!
These lids also look great as toppers for the Baby Food Jar Mini Cakes that I showed you two days ago.
If you missed the rest of my baby food jar ideas, be sure check them out!
Happy crafting!!  Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final baby food jar craft!
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XO, Laura

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  1. Brandi says

    So I am doing something similar to this to put in the favor bags for my son’s birthday party. I just spray painted the lids and a thought occurred to me: being that candy is going to be put in them and looks like you put some in yours. How did you clean the lids after painting them? I don’t want to poison the kids!

    • Laura says

      Great question Brandi. The paint is only sprayed onto the top of the jar. There is no paint on the inside where the candy is, so the candy will not come into contact with the paint at all. Make sure that when you spray the lids you have them flat, and no paint will get on the inside. I hope the kids enjoy them!

  2. Christie says

    I decided to do this craft for my son’s first birthday party, which is in 2 weeks. I spray painted the lids, added chocolate candy to one of the jars, and put on the lid to see what the finished product would look like. I left the candy in the jar overnight and when I woke up in the morning, I tasted a piece of the candy and it tasted like the spray paint….how did you avoid altering the taste of the candy?

    • Laura says

      I think you put the lid on too soon. I would definitely wait a day or two to let the paint fully dry to add the candy. When I made mine, I made them a few weeks ahead of time, then added the candy a day or two before they were to be used, and there wasn’t a problem at all. Try letting them air out for a few days, and then adding the candy, and it should work just fine! Let me know if that works for you like it did for me. Good luck with the party!


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