How to Make Your Own Custom Stamps

I’ve always had a thing for anything nautical- anchors, whales, buoys, starfish, sailboats…. aahhhhhh…. ¬†can’t get enough of them!

I’ve been wanting to try making my own stamps for a while now, so I gave it a try, and I think I’ve found a new hobby ūüėČ ¬†It was really easy, used materials I already had, and I absolutely love my new little whale stamp.

You can make your stamp in any figure or shape that you like- as long as you can cut the shape, then you can turn it into a stamp!

The wood block that I used is from a stamp I bought on clearance at Michaels for this very purpose. ¬†Best 25 cents I ever spent ūüėČ ¬†All I did was rip off the bottom rubber stamp part and the sticker on the top, and for a quarter I had my own wood stamp block!


Step 1: ¬†Print out a picture of what you would like your stamp to be, or just draw and cut freehand if you like. ¬†For my whale I googled “whale silhouette” and found lots of great options. ¬†Print (you may need to resize), and cut out the image so that it will fit onto your stamp block.

Place (or staple) the craft foam underneath your image, and cut out the shape.  Hot glue the foam shape onto the wood block.

Step 2:  Place ink on the stamp.

Step 3: Place paper underneath the stamp, and press firmly on all areas of the the stamp on a hard surface.  Carefully lift up the stamp to see the image.

And that’s it! ¬†My new little DIY whale stamp exceeded my expectations, and the stamped image was really dark and solid. ¬†The paper image is definitely crisper than the fabric image, which is to be expected. ¬†Make sure to use a good ink pad to get the best image possible.

You can stamp on paper, fabric, or wood. ¬†I stamped on some little drawstring muslin bags, which would make adorable party favors! ¬†Just make stamps that match the theme and use colors to match the party, and you’ve got cute personalized favor bags.

Have you ever tried making stamps?  Give it a try!  This would be a great craft to do with kids, too!

Another fun project to do with your kids are these metallic handprints, which make great decor for a kids’ room, and the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, another great gift idea is this¬†Easy DIY Wood Mounted Photograph¬†that only cost me less than $5 each!

Or why not pamper mom with this easy Lemon and Rosemary Scrub?!

Or this Rosemary and Mint Sugar Scrub?

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xo, Laura

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