Kids Daily Outfit Hanging Closet Organizers + Free Printable

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and necessity sure prompted this little idea of mine!

Starting next week, I have three of my kids going to three different schools, as opposed to just one school last year- ugh.  I’m terrified of being late to the first school, and then being late to the second and third schools.

I am trying to find any and every way that I can shave time off our morning routine to ensure that all children are to school on time, and I have the perfect way that I know is going to help me out, and will hopefully help you out too!

Daily outfit closet organizers for your kids’ clothes!

On Saturday or Sunday I’ll go through my kids’ clothes with them, and we’ll pick out their outfits for the WHOLE WEEK, and then hang up the full outfits together.  In front of each outfit will be these cute hanging chalkboard outfit organizers that I created as a free printable for you (and for me!).

No more digging through the baskets of clean laundry in the morning to find an outfit for school.  No more non-matching outfit choices that kids love to sneak out of the house wearing.  No more of your kids trying to wear the same outfit twice in a row.  And that stained shirt your kid loves to wear?  Not anymore!  

All outfits are ready to go and easy to grab.  Just hang the top on one hanger, the shorts/pants/skirt on another hanger, place the cute hanging outfit organizer up in front of the outfit, and they’re good to go- literally!

I am still brainstorming how to add socks, hair bows, and accessories to the outfits, too, to make mornings even easier.  I’m thinking I’ll make (or buy) some cute little bags to hang on each hanger for each day.

I made a FREE printable set for you to download- one set has blue text, one has pink.

Download one of two ways:
  •  As a 4×6″ download.  Every dayof the week is a 4 x 6″ jpeg that you can upload to any photo printing site and have printed on photo paper.  I printed mine at Costco, and for two sets it cost me a whole $1.60, so only 80 cents per set!  Just click on the links below.
  • As a 8 1/2 x 11″ PDF.  Each set is two pages, and you can print at home (will take a lot of black ink for the chalkboard), or take it to Staples or Office Depot and print both pages for around $1.
You could also laminate these, too.
You wouldn’t believe how excited my kids were to get their sets!  I was very pleasantly surprised.
Do you have any tips on how to make the morning routine go quicker?  I’d love to hear them!

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xo, Laura

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  1. says

    Wow. I LOVE this idea! I have 3 boys and my husband gets them ready for school (mostly) but I’m the one running around grabbing their clothes because he doesn’t know which belong to who. They have gone mis matched, in shorts too small, shirts too big, old ripped clothes, etc etc. It’s maddening! But I am trying to get ready for work so I really don’t have the time either. This is brilliant. So happy I found it :) Thank you!

  2. Anna MArie says

    I teach this concept to adults at my organizing seminars – it can double or triple closet space! Underwear and pantyhose can go in the jacket/slax pockets. Clip hangers make it easy to put slax/skirt, blouse and jacket on one hanger

    • says

      Good point! Sunday morning definitely can be rough for us too, heading out to church early and getting four kids ready. I should have made weekend versions too! I don’t have a blank template saved to make a weekend version, but maybe if I have a few extra minutes I can start from scratch and make a weekend version. I’ve gotten a few email about them, too, so it sounds like they would be helpful. Now to find the few minutes to make them! 😉

    • Julia says

      Hi! I love your idea, but I’ve never used laminating pouches. Could you send more info on how you made this work? Thanks!

      Laura, do you have weekend ones??

  3. says

    Lovely! I’m thinking for myself. My kids pick out their clothes the night before and, except for jeans, wear them to bed. Yes, they always look like they got off the red-eye, but they’re kids! They’re going to be all wrinkled in an hour anyway. Makes our mornings super easy.

  4. lisa says

    I did this years ago when my children were younger, but a bit more elaborately: laminated full-sheet size. We hung them each on a hanger, and on the bar of the hangers had little drawstring bags for all of the little things. We used the daily placards to stick post-it notes as things came up relevant to the days. Also super glued a clothes pin on each placard for those notes that didn’t make it to a sticky note. Lastly, a plastic grocery bag over the hanger for important papers needed for that day, or special shoes. Some people can stick to a Sunday night routine, but we just did it as laundry days came along and notes were needed. No big deal. When the kids get older, you don’t need to keep picking out their clothes. Just hang the placards in the back hall on coat hooks or something, if this tool is working for your family.


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