Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes

Don’t get me wrong, I love Anthropologie as much as the next person, but seriously, $28 for a small and $40 for a large mason jar snow globe?  These snow globes are adorable, but I knew that I could make them for a LOT cheaper using some mason jars from my collection and some bottle brush trees.

I’ve been wanting to make these for weeks, but those darn trees have been so elusive!  The only place I could find them in stock (finally) was at Home Depot, of all places, for around $7.50 for a whole bag of 21 trees. Great deal!

So here’s my Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes, with a much more reasonable price tag. And they can be made in under 5 minutes each!

And just for fun, let’s compare versions and prices:

I think Anthropologie has some serious competition with my DIY version, don’t you agree? Especially when mine costs 1/20th and 1/14th of their price!!  Here’s how to make your own beautiful snow globes


  • Mason Jars (any shape and size you would like to use)
  • Bottle Brush Trees (from Home Depot, Michaels, Joannes, etc…)
  • Fake Snow or Epsom Salt (I used fake snow because I wanted it fluffier than Anthro’s version)
  • Glue Gun
  • Clear Glitter (optional)
  • Small Rocks or Clear Pebbles (optional)
Step #1-  Glue a tree onto the inside of a mason jar lid.  If you want your tree to sit higher, so that you can add more snow, then glue your tree to a small rock or pebble like I did.

Step #2-  Add as much snow and glitter as you would like to the jar, with the opening up top. Screw on the lid, turn the jar upside down, and be amazed at how easy and beautiful your new snow globe is!

These snow globes are so pretty to decorate with, and would make a great gift with a cute tag and ribbon wrapped around the base!  I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did.  Cheap, fast, and easy, the best kind of DIY project, right?!

P.S.  If you were thinking about adding water and glycerin to this version, DON’T, unless you want to have a “blue Christmas” 😉  Not that I would ever try such a silly thing.

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XO, Laura

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    What a great idea, I love it! I’m totally going to do this with my kids next year! And your blue snow globe made me laugh so hard! I was grateful I didn’t have something in my mouth!

    • says

      You could use small ornaments, little deer toys, maybe a small car or truck with a Christmas tree on top? The possibilites are endless! I would check out the holiday and toy sections of the different stores that you go into, and I’m sure you’ll find some great things to use. Good luck!

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    I made one just to see how easy it would be for our 3rd graders….turned out great!! I followed the instruction but I wanted it to have more sparkle…I added some buffalo snow, the flakes are more irredescent and I Love It…..

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      You definitely could use glyecerin if you add water to it. I didn’t end up using water in mine, because I tried it, and the trees I bought turned the water blue. The Anthro version didn’t have water, either, so I figured it was okay without. If you do add water, I would make sure to test whether or not the trees or objects you bought for your jar will turn the water colors. Maybe if you sealed the tree with some kind of sealer the water wouldn’t change colors? I haven’t experimented with that yet, but if anyone does, I’d love to hear about it! If you use plastic deer or other plastic items, I don’t think that the color would be a problem. That’s very cool that you still have a snow globe that your child made you that long ago!

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    Please add more info on what liquid to use in the supply list. From the article and comments my understanding is that we need to add glycerin, not glycerin and water. Where are the most likely places to get glycerin?

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