DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

I love summer entertaining, so I created some beautiful mason jar lanterns to use for some of our summer parties.  These lanterns were so easy to make, thanks to the new David Tutera Casual Elegance line, available exclusively at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.   The casual elegance line is designed and sold under bridal, but can be used for so much more!  I love how the David Tutera Casual Elegance line is the perfect combination of rustic, modern, and vintage, with its’ burlap, lace, and Kraft paper elements.  So lovely!

I made four mason jar lanterns (2 large and 2 medium), added handles to hang them, and then crafted some candles that I molded inside toilet paper rolls.  This made the perfect sized candles to fit inside the mason jar lanterns.  Here are the easy instructions…

Mason Jar Lantern:



1.  Decide if you would like your mason jar lantern to be clear or colored.  I made two of each.  If you would like clear, then skip to step 2.  If you would like a colored glass lantern, then spray a light, even coat of spray paint inside of your jar.  Make sure the inside is evenly coated, and let dry.  Apply a second coat.

2.  Attach the wire handle following the diagram above:
a.  Cut off the hook of the hanger with the wire cutters.
b.  Wrap the wire around the lip of the jar once as tight as you can, so that one end is short, and the other is long.
c.  Twist the two ends together, and wrap the short end around the long end.
d.  Pull the long end up to form a handle, and bring the handle back down towards the short end.  Place the wire underneath the wire loop that wraps around the jar, and then work the wire around to the other side to form a handle.
e.  Wrap the wire up and around the bottom of the handle, and then cut off the excess with the wire cutters.

3.  Cut a piece of the lace stretch ribbon long enough to wrap around the jar once, with a slight overlap. Using a foam brush, paint the liquid glue onto the glass, one section at a time.   Push down the lace ribbon onto the glue as you go, until the lace is wrapped all the way around the jar.  Let dry.

4.  Cut the bottom section of the jute ribbon off.  Carefully apply a thin strip of glue to the lace on the jar that is the width of the jute ribbon.  Use the end of the foam brush (so you don’t burn your fingers) to push down the end of the jute ribbon to the strip of hot glue to secure it.  Wrap the jute around the jar, make another strip of glue at the end of the jute, and press down with the end of the foam brush to secure.  Let cool.

This next step is optional, but I’m going to show you how I made the perfect sized candles for these mason jars out of some old melted candles, wicks, a purple crayon, and some toilet paper rolls!  Curious?

DIY Candles Made in Toilet Paper Rolls:

1.  Make a cross out of blue tape like shown above.  Center an empty toilet paper roll onto the blue tape, and wrap the tape up around the roll tightly.  Wrap one more piece of blue tape around the roll to secure it.  Place on a level surface, with the blue tape end on the bottom.

2.  Melt the old candles down in an old pan that you will no longer want to make food with.  You can always buy one at a thrift store, too, to use specifically for crafts.  Make a double boiler by placing this craft pan into a slightly bigger pan with water in it.  Heat the water, which will melt the wax inside the smaller pot.  Stir.

3.  If you would like your candles to have some color, you can add a crayon to color the wax.  I used one purple crayon, and the candles were all a lovely light lavender color.  Once the wax is all melted, carefully pour the wax into the roll.  Let cool slightly, and then add the wicks to the wax, making sure that the wick is centered.  Let the candles cool and harden.

4.  Now comes the fun part!  Peel off the cardboard toilet paper roll, and you are left with your new beautiful candles!

To use your new lantern with these candles, place a candle centered inside your mason jar lantern.  I carefully poured sand about a quarter of the way up the jar to secure the candle, and then added some crushed shells that my daughter collected on the beach to the top of the sand.  Now your candle is ready to be lit!

I hung my lanterns from a tree with lantern hooks and some jute twine.  I also hung some of the beautiful David Tutera lace paper lanterns in the tree as well, with the David Tutera 48 Hour Lights in a Snap On a String hung inside the lanterns to give them an extra glow as the sun went down.

These mason jar lanterns and paper lanterns are the perfect look for a casual or elegant get together with friends or family, and a wonderful way to light up your outdoor space and add some atmosphere to your party.

I decorated the candles that I made with some pieces from the David Tutera Casual Elegance line to show you how easy it is to use these supplies to make a beautiful decoration.  All of the flowers and butterflies were premade, so all I did was just layer them with the lace and burlap pieces and attach to the candles.  So simple!

You can find the David Tutera Casual Elegance line on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest– be sure to follow for more inspiration and great ideas!

Happy crafting!

xo, Laura

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This post is brought to you by David Tutera Casual Elegance and Blueprint Social.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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      Thanks so much, Rachel! I love the way they lit up as it was getting dark… so pretty! You could also place them on a patio table if you don’t have big trees, and then you wouldn’t even have to make the handles 😉

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      Thanks Kathryn! This collection was so much fun to work with- so many possibilities and unique ways to use the materials. I loved playing with it all, and can’t wait to use my lanterns for an outdoor party!

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      Hi there, I actually tried a different method first (in the photo with all of the rolls that don’t have any tape), and the wax went right through and didn’t stay in the TP roll. So then I tried the second method with the tape, and that way worked great! That’s why the two sets of pictures- sorry for the the confusion! I wanted to show the wax being poured through a funnel into the TP rolls, but that was the only pic I had :)


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