Easy No Sew Hair Bow Headbands Tutorial

My baby girl is due in just 7 short weeks, and I’m in serious nesting and prep mode.  I’ve been mass producing hair bows in all different materials, colors, shapes, and sizes.  A girl needs options, right?  Of all the hair bows and hair bow headbands I’ve made, these simple no sew hair bow headbands are my absolute favorite!

EASY no sew hair bow head bands tutorial. Make adorable newborn bow headbands for your baby! These also work for toddler girls, are inexpensive, and take just a few minutes to make.

They require NO SEWING (can I get an amen?), no needles, no fussy measuring, and can be made in any size, shape, color, and pattern.  They’re sooooo cute too!!

These no sew hair bow headbands look like the store-bought versions that are all the rage these days.  And I totally get why.


Cute DIY hair bow headbands no sew in just a few minutes!

Keep reading for the easy tutorial and you might just start mass-producing these for all the little girls (or bigger ones too) in your life!  They will even fit you too if you want to borrow one. 😉

I purchased nylon headbands from Charley Charles shop on Etsy in a bunch of different colors.  They come in one size that’s perfect for newborns up through adults, since they’re super stretchy.  Nylon headbands also don’t leave marks on baby.

You can also just make the bows and attach them to alligator clips or ponytail holders for wearing a different way when your little one has more hair.

DIY no sew hair bow headbands in minutes!

Easy No Sew Hair Bow Headbands


  • Fabric in various colors/patterns (You don’t need a lot!  I bought 1/8 yard in lots of different materials/patterns/colors and only spent a few bucks at Joann with coupons)
  • Fabric or sharp scissors
  • Nylon headbands
  • Glue gun


STEP 1.  To make your bows around 2″ wide, cut a piece of fabric into a 5″ x 2″ rectangle.

DIY baby bow headbands tutorial no sew

If you would like a bigger bow, just make the rectangle longer.  If you want a wider bow, just make the rectangle wider.  I suggest making one with the dimensions I give first, then experimenting if you want bigger.

How to make baby bow headbands

STEP 2.  Fold the long ends of the rectangle into the middle so the ends are touching and it makes a big long tube.  Add a thin line of hot glue to one side, glue down, then repeat for the other side.

DIY hair bow headbands for newborns

Now do the same thing for the ends of the rectangle.  Bring both ends together so they are touching in the middle, add a thin line of glue under each end, then glue down both sides.

STEP 3.  Cut a small rectangular piece of the same fabric for the middle piece of the bow that wraps around.  Repeat the above steps for the long ends.  (You can leave the shorter ends alone without gluing since they’ll be unseen at the back of the bow).

No sew hair bow headbands tutorial that's quick and easy

STEP 4.  Take the big rectangle and fold up the very middle a bit by scrunching it up to make a bow shape.

How to make no sew hair bow headbands

Once you like how it looks, add a big drop of hot glue to JUST the middle front of the bow, then wrap the smaller piece around the middle.  Don’t add any glue to the back of the bow yet!  Carefully hold in place for a minute until the glue cools.

Baby no sew hair bow headbands with nylon headband

STEP 5.  Now take your elastic headband and place it along the back center of the bow so that it runs the length of the bow with the ends facing up.  Add a dab of hot glue to the center of the bow, then place the headband on top.

Carefully press down, being careful not to burn your hands.  I used the end of a pen to do this since the nylon headband is thin.  It worked perfectly!

Now just wrap the rest of that middle piece around the nylon headband, glue together, and cut off any excess material you don’t need.

DIY easy no sew hair bow headbands tutorial for babies and toddlers

Aren’t they CUTE?  No sew and no hassle.  And seriously easy too!

I didn’t even have to iron the fabric beforehand because the fabric came straight off the bolt and was pretty smooth.  If your fabric is really wrinkled, you may want to iron first.

Easy bow headbands for babies with nylon headbands

I’ve had fun mixing and matching different nylon headband colors with different solid and patterned fabric bows.

Cute DIY hair bow headbands no sew in just a few minutes!

I’ve even gone through baby’s wardrobe and made bows that will match different outfits perfectly!

DIY no sew hair bow headbands in minutes!

No sew hair bow headbands and hair bow cards

Yep, I’m pretty much obsessed with these no sew hair bow headbands.

Easy no sew hair bow headbands for newborn babies and toddlers. So easy and cute!

Want some adorable FREE printable hair bow cards?!

I made these hair bow cards for giving away bows and headbands for baby showers, birthday parties, and more.

You can get the free printable hair bow cards HERE.

I’ve gotten even more diy hair bows I’ve made that I’ll be sharing soon (including the gold leather ones shown above).

Oh, and I’ll be sure to update this post with more photos when our baby girl is here and wearing these. Let the countdown begin!  🙂

Happy crafting!



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    • Woo hoo, yay for a quick and easy tutorial! Seriously, you can totally make these. I’ve got a huge stash of them now and love that they coordinate with my baby’s outfits.

  1. Hi! Carly from Charley Charles here! I would love to offer your readers a 10% off coupon. Use BLOG10 on your headband purchase 🙂

    Happy headband making!

    • Hi Raysha! I like to go to the craft store and just pick out a few of my favorite colors and patterns, then have them cut me a small piece of each one. I like cotton, but I’ve also used other fabrics too. I just go for whatever I like that I think will look cute. 😉