Painted Easter Bunny Jars

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you probably already know that I’m a huge fan of baby food jars.  What’s not to love about them?  They’re cute and petite, durable, and free if you have a baby, or a friend with a baby!  I thought I’d put the rest of my baby food jars to good use to create a cute Easter craft- painted Easter bunny jars!

These jars can be used as decor items, to fill with treats and give away to friends and family, or even as little favors or treats for everyone on the Easter table.  However you decide to use them, these cute little bunnies are very easy to make, and look great!

I put my big box of paint to use again that Krylon sent me (see yesterday’s $2 candy dish post for another great use for their spray paint), but this time I used their Dual Paint + Primer in Modern White Gloss, which was perfect for the job because it is a paint and primer in one can that gives a great thick coverage, which means less coats for you to paint!


  • Baby food jars (I used varying sizes of jars)
  • White spray paint
  • Pink and black multi-surface paint
  • Small paintbrush
  • Small piece of white felt
  • Scissors (fabric scissors work best to cut the felt)
  • Glue gun
Spray the outside each of the jars that you’re using with white spray paint.  Make sure to spray multiple layers of thin, even coats for the best coverage and to avoid drips.  I sprayed these right side up on some newspaper with the lids left on, since I didn’t want any paint going inside the jars (paint + food = big no no).  Let dry between coats, and then let the jars dry thoroughly before the next step.
Using a small paintbrush and some black multi-surface black craft paint, paint two tiny eyes, a little triangle nose, and a small line going straight down for the nose.  To add a little more color and character, once the black paint was dry I painted on two small pink circles for rosy cheeks.
While the cheeks are drying, cut out two ears for each bunny jar from the white felt.  I had planned on cutting two pink pieces to go inside the white ears, but realized two late that all of my pink felt had been used.  Use a glue gun to carefully glue a thick line of glue on the top center of the jar, and stick the ears right down in the glue and let cool.  This worked perfectly to create those cute little bunny ears!
And there you have it, adorable little bunny jars to decorate with or give away, that you made out of something that probably would have been thrown away!  Give yourself a pat on the back 😉
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xo, Laura